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Join us on a Pilgrimage to Italy!

From March 9-19, 2015, the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology invites you to join us on a special pilgrimage to the holy cities and shrines of Italy. Led by the St. Paul Center’s Executive Director—the popular author and speaker Matthew Leonard—this 10-day pilgrimage will take you throughout central Italy to visit some of the holiest spots in Christendom. [READ MORE]


Nun of the Above

Posted by St. Paul Center on 11.19.08

“The novitiate is doing well. Sister John Mary finished her monastic decorum class with the postulants and now they have begun a scripture course that will include Dr. Scott Hahn’s Bible Study “Genesis to Jesus”. All are excited about diving into all the books of the Bible and get a deeper grasp of the narrative thread of salvation history that runs through the whole Bible.  Kudos to Dr. Hahn and...  [Continue Reading]


Drinking Deeply Made Easy

Posted by St. Paul Center on 11.14.08

Dr. Mary Healy and Dr. Peter Williamson, both Senior Fellows of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, are co-editors for a new series of 17 volumes of commentary on the books of the New Testament. Titled Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, this series seeks to promote biblical literacy and encourage deeper spirituality through the Bible. “There is a weariness and boredom with the Catholic...  [Continue Reading]


Scripture and Liturgy in Heaven…and England

Posted by St. Paul Center on 11.06.08

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology founder and President Dr. Scott Hahn and Distinguished Fellow Dr. Michael Waldstein recently participated in Scripture and Liturgy in the Theology of Pope Benedict XVI, a one day congress held at historic Oxford University in England. This was the first event co-sponsored by the St. Paul Center and The Center for Faith and Culture at Oxford. It included talks...  [Continue Reading]


A Day Late and a Decade Short

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 11.01.08

The month of the Rosary just came to a close, and I find myself up late, remembering that I’ve wanted to post links to some very good things.

Maureen, our faithful guide to things Celtic and patristic, provided excerpts of Pope Benedict’s recent words on the Rosary.

Meanwhile, in the world of paper and ink, a lovely new book appeared by my friend Gary Jansen: The Rosary: A Journey to the Beloved....  [Continue Reading]

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I Hear a Symphony: The Many Meanings of “the Word of God”

What’s the Word? By Dr. Scott Hahn

Posted by Dr. Scott Hahn on 10.28.08

You and I might answer that question in many different ways, depending on the context in which it’s asked. “The word” could mean the latest news (“The word on the street is . . .”). Or it could mean a decisive command (“The word from the corner office is . . .”). Or it could simply mean a word—a basic unit of language, like the little clusters of the alphabet that make up this sentence. [Read More...  [Continue Reading]


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