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Sts. Perpetua and Felicity

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 03.07.14 |

Sts Perpetua and Felicity

Listen to Mike Aquilina discuss these two very important Early Church Martyrs.
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St. Ignatius, "God-Carrier"

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 10.17.13 |


Today is the memorial of St. Ignatius, bishop of Antioch at the end of the first century.  In this interview, Patristics scholar and St. Paul Center vice president, Mike Aquilina, discusses the life and legacy of this important early witness to the faith of the Apostles.

Chrysostom and the Mysteries of Marriage

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 09.12.13 |

St. John Chrysostom

If you run a Google search on the terms “John Chrysostom” and “sex,” you’ll soon find a mess of conflicting statements. Part of the problem is with the saint’s interpreters, and part of it is with his own voluminous writings — some 700 sermons, 246 letters, plus biblical commentaries, moral discourses, and theological treatises.

When a man publishes so many thousands of words, an industrious enemy…  [Continue Reading]

St. Athanasius: Mike Aquilina Reflects on this great Church Father

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 05.02.13 |


“Athanasius was undoubtedly one of the most important and revered early Church Fathers. But this great Saint was above all the impassioned theologian of the Incarnation of the Logos, the Word of God who - as the Prologue of the fourth Gospel says - “became flesh and dwelt among us” (Jn 1: 14).” ~ Pope Benedict XVI

Saint Agatha, Virgin, Martyr

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 02.04.13 |Agatha, Breast Cancer, Martyr, Saint, Virgin

St. Agatha

February 5 is the memorial of St. Agatha, patroness of Sicily, the land of my grandparents, and one of the patrons of my parish.

Because of the tortures she endured in martyrdom, St. Agatha is also patroness of women who live with diseases of the breast. Fr. Paul Zalonski has a deep devotion to the third-century martyr. He sent me a prayer card with the saint’s image on front and the following novena…  [Continue Reading]

Sitting at the Feet of this Cranky Master - St. Hippolytus

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 08.13.12 |


St. Hippolytus a Greek-speaking priest, a noted theologian and the first “antipope,” Mike Aquilina discusses the life of this key link in the chain that takes us back to the Apostles.

Fury of the Idolaters, Beauty of the Faith

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 07.23.12 |


If all we knew of today’s saint were the monuments left in his honor, we would conclude that he was a very great man indeed. July 23 is the memorial of St. Apollinaris, the first bishop of Ravenna in Italy. And the two sanctuaries dedicated to his memory — Sant’Apollinare in Classe and Sant’Apollinare Nuovo — are among the chief reasons why Ravenna appears on lists of the most beautiful cities on…  [Continue Reading]

Feast of St. Benedict

Posted by Mike Aquilina on 07.11.12 |

St. Benedict

On the feast of St. Benedict (d. 543 AD), take a few minutes to listen to Mike Aquilina discuss the life of this giant of the Catholic Faith the founder of western monastacism, emphasizing prayer, work, study and contemplation.

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