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Blessed Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, the Apostle of India.

Posted by Robert Corzine on 07.03.14 |

St. Thomas the Apostle

Most people know him from the single episode in the upper room after Our Lord’s resurrection (John 20) when he at first refused to believe without seeing.  And if you refer to “Doubting Thomas” everyone will know whom you mean.  But when you take a look at his whole life and his martyr’s death, it would be more accurate if we called him “Trusting Thomas.”  Sent out with all of the Apostles to proclaim…  [Continue Reading]

“A Virgin Shall Conceive”: The Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Posted by Robert Corzine on 12.20.13 |


Senior Fellow Michael Barber has made a close and careful reading of the Scriptures that the Church has chosen for this coming Sunday.  He unpacks the Emmanuel Prophecy in Isaiah 7 showing how it was read at the time and how the rabbis understood it before Matthew’s Gospel applied it to the virgin birth of Our Lord. Click Here to Read More…

The Bible and the Rosary: How to Hear the Word of God in Prayer

Posted by Robert Corzine on 10.07.13 |

Our Lady of the Rosary

In honor of the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, we’d like to share this talk by St. Paul Center Fellow Dr. Michael Barber, “The Bible and the Rosary: How to Hear the Word of God in Prayer.”  As Pope Francis said, “the Rosary is a school of prayer; the Rosary is a school of faith!”  But so many people don’t get all that they can out of it because they haven’t taken the time to really take in the Gospel…  [Continue Reading]

Spirit of Advent

Posted by Robert Corzine on 12.13.12 |

Saint John the Baptist

It is no easy task in our modern world to keep Advent well while the culture around us is screaming Merry X-Mas.  This will help; it is a lovely biblical mediation on the reason for the season, the Meaning of Advent.  Most of us CANNOT go out into the desert to prepare the way of the Lord.  And we SHOULDN’T go around being pious killjoys at other people’s parties.  But we CAN do something to enter…  [Continue Reading]

Thomas the Twin

Posted by Robert Corzine on 07.03.12 |

Apostle Thomas

Pope Benedict XVI’s Wednesday Audience on St. Thomas from

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Continuing our encounters with the Twelve Apostles chosen directly by Jesus, today we will focus our attention on Thomas. Ever present in the four lists compiled by the New Testament, in the first three Gospels he is placed next to Matthew (cf. Mt 10: 3; Mk 3: 18; Lk 6: 15), whereas in Acts, he is found…  [Continue Reading]

"Paschal Sacrifice: A Heavenly Banquet for Earthly Beggars"

Posted by Robert Corzine on 02.10.12 |

Does your mind wander at Mass? If so, here’s some very good news for you drawn from the Banquet Theology in the Gospel of St. Luke.

New Television Series: "Genesis to Jesus" with Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine

Posted by Robert Corzine on 02.01.12 |

Beginning on Monday, this new EWTN show will take viewers on a guided tour through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

‘And with Your Spirit’

Posted by Robert Corzine on 11.29.11 |

and with your spirit

What is the biggest change in the new translation of the Mass? As Mike Aquilina explains, the biggest difference may be from the smallest change.

‘And with Your Spirit’

The big difference in a little phrase
By Mike Aquilina - The Priest, 6/1/2011

A reporter called to interview me about the new translation of the Roman Missal. We spoke for a while about the process and problems of translation before…  [Continue Reading]

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