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EWTN Live - Benedict XVI and Verbum Domini - Fr Mitch Pacwa, SJ with Dr. Scott Hahn - 03-02-2011

Posted by St. Paul Center on 04.19.12 |

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ annd Dr. Scott Hahn discuss Benedict XVI and Verbum Domini from March 2011.

RERUM OMNIUM PERTURBATIONEM: Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on St. Francis de Sales

Posted by St. Paul Center on 01.24.12 |

Francis de Sales

1. In Our recent encyclical We examined the disorders with which the world today struggles for the purpose of discovering a sure remedy for such great evils. At that time We pointed out that the roots of these evils lie in the souls of men and that the sole…  [Continue Reading]

The Feast of St. Basil

Posted by St. Paul Center on 01.02.12 |

St. Basil

Mike Aquilina discusses the life and legacy of the Bishop of Caesarea, and one of the most distinguished Doctors of the Church, Saint Basil the Great!

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The Real Meaning of Christmas

Posted by St. Paul Center on 12.19.11 |

Nativity 3

Pulled from our audio archive shelf, an excellent interview with Dr. Scott Hahn and Gus Lloyd on the real meaning of Christmas, enjoy!

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"To us, Christ is all!"

Posted by St. Paul Center on 12.07.11 |

Ambrose 3

Today is the memorial of St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan at the end of the fourth century.  Meet the simple, straight-forward style of St. Ambrose as Patristics scholar and St. Paul Center vice president, Mike Aquilina, discusses the life and legacy of this important Saint.

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The Big Difference a little change makes

Posted by St. Paul Center on 12.01.11 |

Mike Aquilina

New and very timely podcast on the new translation of the Roman Missal.

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Kinship by Covenant: Reviewed by Pablo Gadenz

Posted by St. Paul Center on 11.21.11 |

Scholars are increasingly interested in studying how the New Testament authors refer to the Old Testament not so much to find isolated prooftexts but as part of an overall rereading of Israel’s story in light of the Christ-event. Individual texts and large sections of the Old Testament thus provide the New Testament authors with a narrative framework in which to understand the unfolding of God’s plan…  [Continue Reading]

Scott Hahn Addresses the New Evangelization

Posted by St. Paul Center on 10.26.11 |

Hahn in Vancouver

VANCOUVER—Catholics have been given the task of spreading the message, says Dr. Scott Hahn.

They must be trained to evangelize and catechize, and they must be sacramentalized (partake in the sacraments), Hahn said during a recent lecture on mystagogy at Regent College.

Mystagogy, a Greek term meaning “to be guided into the mysteries,” leads believers to a deeper understanding of the Liturgy of the…  [Continue Reading]

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