A True Thanksgiving

Posted by Matthew Leonard on 11.21.12 |

Turkey Photo

The turkey is thawing. Cars are being packed. Houses are being cleaned. I guess I’ve finally grown up because everybody’s on their way to my house this year. For the first time the Leonard family is hosting Thanksgiving. So while I don’t have to drive hours on end to distant lands in a van full of restless children, all juice spills and unidentified food items must be removed from the floors and walls of my house. Then there’s the pressure of playing the perfect host. Let’s be honest. It’s always lot easier to be the special guest star than The Love Boat “Julie McCoy”, making sure everyone has a good time. Regardless, I love it.

Even though every family has it’s foibles, there are few things which bring more pleasure than celebrating with relatives and close friends. And no matter our particular situation at this moment in the year, don’t forget that we have a lot to be thankful for…especially as Catholics. While our country celebrates Thanksgiving once a year with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, we have the opportunity to celebrate a true thanksgiving every day with the most real food on heaven and earth - the Eucharist. In fact, the Greek word “eucharistia” means just that - “thanksgiving”. Because of the Eucharist, EVERY day can be a “Happy Thanksgiving”. So in the midst of all the frenetic activity surrounding this holiday weekend, make sure to take some time and be truly thankful with our Lord in the Mass.

And from all of us here at the St. Paul Center, God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

Matthew Leonard
Executive Director
@MattSLeonard on Twitter


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