The Bible and the Rosary: How to Hear the Word of God in Prayer

Posted by Robert Corzine on 10.07.13 |

Our Lady of the Rosary

In honor of the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, we’d like to share this talk by St. Paul Center Fellow Dr. Michael Barber, “The Bible and the Rosary: How to Hear the Word of God in Prayer.”  As Pope Francis said, “the Rosary is a school of prayer; the Rosary is a school of faith!”  But so many people don’t get all that they can out of it because they haven’t taken the time to really take in the Gospel accounts that the rosary calls us to meditate on prayerfully.  Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been praying the rosary all your life, I think you’ll learn something from this talk which is both entertaining and funny in parts, but also moving and challenging.  If you don’t feel like you’re praying the rosary for all its worth, or if you need some motivation to get back in the habit, give it a listen.

The talk was given earlier this year at a conference on the New Evangelization that we put on along with Fullness of Truth.  The whole set including talks by Dr. Scott Hahn and Dr. John Bergsma, and Dr. Michael Barber can be ordered here.

  The Bible and the Rosary (FOT 2013)


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