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The World Series of Bible Study

Posted by Matthew Leonard on 10.29.10 |

I’m not saying they’re necessarily connected, but I do find it rather interesting that the teams playing in the World Series just happen to represent states in which we’ve just presented the St. Paul Center’s Journey Through Scripture Parish-Based Bible Study Program. In fact, based on the crowds and their enthusiasm, you could say we’ve had our own championship season. In just two weekends we equipped nearly 350 men and women to lead the studies in their home parishes.

In August we were in California with over 140 men and women, including a pastor of a parish that exclusively serves the hearing impaired. They all turned out to learn how to lead “The Bible and the Sacraments.” And the response the study received was overwhelming. One gentleman remarked that “the material is amazing”, while another participant wrote that “The knowledge you…delivered was truly DIVINE!” Thanks to the efforts of folks like Carson Weber, Jen Collins, and the rest of the team from the Diocese of Sacramento, it was our largest single-day training event ever.

But as Hall of Famer Yogi Berra once said, “I always thought that record would stand until it was broken.” The man’s a sage. One month later in the Diocese of Lubbock, a truly Texas-sized crowd came out to learn how to lead “Genesis to Jesus.” Almost 200 attendees, including seven priests, four deacons, and seven candidates for the deaconate were in attendance. It was a smashing success orchestrated by our wonderful friends from Footsteps in Faith. Y’all were great!

And the season’s not over yet! On November 6th, the series returns to Covina, CA, for the second time this year to present the newest Journey Through Scripture study, “The Bible and the Virgin Mary.” If you’re in the area (or even want to come up from Texas), we’d love to see you there. Call us at 740-264-9535 or simply click here for registration details.


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