Life-Nurturing Love: Faithful and Fruitful

A Women's Bible Study

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Faithful & Fruitful

A Mother’s Reward

Parenting is not a science. It’s not even an art. It’s a juggling act-a mad, mysterious, terrifying, terrific, wild and wacky juggling act. Every child and every stage in your child’s life brings new challenges, new threats, and new joys. But through it all, some things never change: Your children’s need for your love, your need for God’s grace, and the end goal of it all-of all the diapers, the carpools, and the sleepless nights. That goal? Helping get your kids to heaven.

From October 31-November 2, you’re invited to join Kimberly Hahn for “Faithful and Fruitful,” a special women’s retreat focusing on the joyous juggling act of motherhood. Held on our campus, the weekend retreat will offer both biblical wisdom and practical advice on parenting your children from toddlerhood to the teenage years.

“Faithful and Fruitful” is the third in the Life-Nurturing Love series, a collection of Bible studies written by Kimberly Hahn based on Proverbs 31. The first in the series, “Chosen and Cherished,” focused on building faith-filled marriages, using Scripture and Church teaching to illuminate God’s plan for Christian marriages. The second in the series, “Graced and Gifted” focused on how the most ordinary acts of being a wife and mother-doing the laundry, washing the dishes, and cooking your family’s meals-can become extraordinary occasions of grace.

Like Chosen and Cherished and Graced and Gifted, the St. Paul Center will videotape this year’s talks for the Life-Nurturing Love multimedia curriculum.