Letter & Spirit: Volume 6, 2010

For the Sake of Our Salvation:
The Truth and Humility of God’s Word


This sixth annual volume features an all-star lineup tackling one of the most controversial and important subjects in biblical scholarship—the inspiration and truth of Sacred Scripture.
What does it mean to say that Scripture is the Word of God? Are there errors in Scripture? These are some of the questions addressed in important new works by Hahn, Brant Pitre, Pablo Gadenz, Michael Waldstein, John Betz, Germain Grisez and many more. Highlights include Hahn’s new essay on the the truth and humility of God’s Word and Gadenz’s authoritative review of the Catholic teaching on the inerrancy of Scripture. This volume also includes a never-before-translated essay by Romano Guardini, “Holy Scripture and the Science of Faith.”

From the Editors introduction:

The widespread erosion in the assumption that Scripture is the true Word of God forms the broader context for the articles and studies in this volume of Letter & Spirit. As we see it, the work we present in these pages is no ivory tower exercise. It is no exaggeration to say that at stake in this discussion is the future of the identity of the Church and the mission of the Word incarnate. If the Scriptures cannot be trusted to communicate the truth about God and his saving message, if they do not bring us to the encounter with the living God who speaks his Word, then it must be asked: what is the meaning and purpose of the Church?

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For the Sake of Our Salvation:
The Truth and Humility of God’s Word

Scott W. Hahn

The Mystery of God’s Word:
Inspiration, Inerrancy, and the Interpretation of Scripture
Brant Pitre

Magisterial Teaching on the Inspiration and Truth of Scripture:
Precedents and Prospects
Pablo T. Gadenz

Analogia Verbi: The Truth of Scripture in Rudolph Bultmann and Raymond Brown
Michael Maria Waldstein

Glory(ing) in the Humility of the Word:
The Kenotic Form of Revelation in J. G. Hamann
John R. Betz

The Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scripture
Germain Grisez

The Interpenetration of Inspiration and Inerrancy
as a Hermeneutic for Catholic Exegesis
Joseph C. Atkinson

Restricted Inerrancy and the “Hermeneutic Of Discontinuity”
Brian W. Harrison, O. S.

Communal or Social Inspiration: A Catholic Critique
Robert Fastiggi

The Modernist Crisis and the Shifting of Catholic Views on Biblical Inspiration
Jeffrey L. Morrow

The Inspiration of Scripture: A Status Quaestionis
Matthew Levering

Tradition & Traditions

Divinely Inspired for Teaching Truth and Refuting Error: A Catena of Catholic Sources

The Gospels as History
Thomas McGovern

Verbum Dei Incarnatum and Verbum Dei Scriptum in the Fathers
J. H. Crehan, S. J.

“As I Break Bread for You”: St. Augustine’s Method in Preaching
Thomas F. Stransky, C. S. P.

The Limits of Biblical Inerrancy
Peter Paul Zerafa, O. P.

Vatican II and the Truth of Sacred Scripture
Augustin Cardinal Bea, S. J.

Sacred Scripture and the Errors of the “New” Exegesis
Paul Cardinal Taguchi

Holy Scripture and the Science of Faith
Romano Guardini

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