Letter & Spirit: Volume 5, 2009

Liturgy and Empire:
Faith in Exile and Political Theology


This is the fifth annual volume of the remarkably popular journal of biblical theology edited by Scott Hahn and his St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. This volume features important new works by Hahn, Brant Pitre, Matthew Levering, and Robert Barron, among others. The issue explores the biblical themes of Church and state; idolatry and power; religion and violence; worship and sacrifice; the Kingdom of God; and the Eucharist. Highlights include Hahn’s new essay on the “prophetic historiography” of 1 and 2 Chronicles; and Pitre’s essay on “Jesus, the Messianic Banquet, and the Kingdom of God.” The journal, which always seeks to reprint classic texts alongside groundbreaking new works, this time includes a new translation of St. Thomas Aquinas “Lectures on 2 Thessalonians”—the first time this work has been translated into English. Also included are an influential work by Louis Bouyer on “Satan and Christ in the New Testament and Early Tradition.” The volume concludes with a classic homily by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI on the “morality of exile.”

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Liturgy and Empire:: Faith in Exile and Prophetic Historiography in 1 and 2 Chronicles
Scott W. Hahn

Cultic Kingdoms in Conflict in the Book of Daniel
John Bergsma

Worship in the Spirit of the Logos:
Romans 12:1–2 and the Source and Summit of Christian Life
Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B.

A Liturgical Conversion of the Imagination: Worship and Ethics in 1 Corinthians
Rodrigo Morales

Jesus, the Messianic Banquet, and the Kingdom of God
Brant Pitre

Charity and Empire: Is Trinitarian Monotheism Violent?
Matthew J. Levering


Biblical Interpretation and Theology:
Irenaeus, Modernity, and the Second Vatican Council

Father Robert Barron

Liturgy, Social Justice, and the Mystical Body of Christ:
The Vision of Virgil Michel
David Fagerberg

Tradition & Traditions

Lectures on 2 Thessalonians: A New Translation
St. Thomas Aquinas

The Two Economies of Divine Government:
Satan and Christ in the New Testament and Early Christian Tradition
Louis Bouyer

The Morality of Exile: Biblical Aspects of the Theme of Faith and Politics
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI

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