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Dr. Andrew Swafford

Andrew earned his doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) in May of 2012, graduating summa cum laude from the University of St. Mary of the Lake; he also holds an S.T.L. from the same institution graduating summa cum laude in May of 2007. In addition, Andrew holds an M.A. in Old Testament & Semitic Languages from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he graduated summa cum laude in May of 2009.

Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Benedictine College where he regularly teaches courses on the Pentateuch, Wisdom Literature, and Old Testament Prophets, as well as on the Synoptic Gospels. Andrew has also taught courses in Benedictine’s Philosophy Department on Ethics, Logic, and Philosophy of Nature. Among his publications are Nature and Grace: A New Approach to Thomistic Ressourcement (Pickwick, 2014); 30-Second Bible (Ivy Press, 2013); as well as his conversion story in I Choose God (Servant Press, 2007).

He is also a contributing author to the forthcoming Divinization and Liturgy: A Guide to a Neglected Catholic Theology (Hillenbrand, 2015). He and his wife Sarah (who also has an extensive ministry speaking to teens and college students across the country) reside in Atchison, KS with their three children, Thomas, Fulton, and Cate.


Assistant Professor of Theology, Benedictine College (Atchison, KS)
Courses Taught:

Th 210 Old Testament I: Pentateuch; Th 315 Old Testament II: Wisdom Literature; Th 310 Old Testament III: Prophets; Th 101 Intro to Theology; RI 275 Celebrating the Christian Mystery: Introduction to Liturgy and the Sacraments; Ph 101 Logic; Ph 175 Logic & Nature; Ph 325 Ethics

S.T.D., University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary, May 2012
  (Summa cum laude for both oral defense and dissertation)

Dissertation Title (directed by Rev. Edward T. Oakes, S.J.): 
The Legacy of Henri de Lubac on Nature and Grace: The Resolution of the Contemporary Debate in the Theology of Matthias J. Scheeben

M.A., (Old Testament and Semitic Languages), Trinity Evangelical Divinity
School, May 2009
(Summa cum laude)

Master’s Thesis (directed by Willem VanGemeren): 
The Valiant Wife of Prov XXXI 10-31as Embodiment of Royal Wisdom

S.T.L., University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary, May 2007
(Summa cum laude)

  Licentiate thesis (directed by Rev. Edward T. Oakes, S.J.):
The Importance of Philosophy of Nature for the Prospect of a Rapprochement between Faith and Reason: Its compatibility with Newtonian science and thereupon its importance for the foundations of systematic theology

B.A., (Religious Studies and Philosophy), Benedictine College, 2004
(Cum laude); St. Anselm award winner


Biblical Theology (Old and New Testaments)
Thomistic-Aristotelian Philosophy
Nature and Grace


University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary:
N.T. Greek (2006-07)

Benedictine College, Theology and Philosophy Departments:
Fall of 2007-Present


The Convergence of all Salvation History in the Holy Eucharist, Kansas Catholic College Student Convention (KCCSC), Lawrence, KS, February 11-12, 2012

Papacy in Light of the Davidic Kingdom, Queen of the Holy Rosary Wea Catholic
Church, Bucyrus, KS, December 6, 2009

Eucharist as Fulfillment of the Old Testament Passover, Queen of the Holy
Rosary Wea Catholic Church, Bucyrus, KS, October 11, 2009

First Century Judaism Seminar: The Todah Sacrifice: the Apostles’
Understanding of the Eucharist, respondent, September 8, 2007
Dallas chapter of Catholics United for the Faith and Remnant of Israel

Philosophy and Science: How Formal Causality can make Science Philosophical
and Philosophy Scientific, Midwest American Academy of Religion, March 31, 2007

The New Evangelization, FOCUS conference, January 2006


I Choose God: Stories from Young Catholics, ed. Chris Cuddy and Peter
Ericksens, introduction by Scott Hahn (Cincinnati, Ohio: Servant Books, 2007).


EWTN RADIO: Nextwave Faithful, host Stephanie Wood, August 9, 2007


University of St. Mary of the Lake (USML):

  History of Christian Thought I (Paul-225 A.D.)
  History of Christian Thoguht II (200-800) (6 hours)
  History of Christian Thought III (600-1300) (6 hours)
  History of Christian Thought IV (1300-1700) (Robert Barron)
  History of Christian Thought V (1700-1900) (Emery DeGáal)
History of Christian Thought VI (1900-1965) (Edward T. Oakes, S.J.)
History of Christian Thought VII (1965-present) (Edward T. Oakes, S.J.)
Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar (Edward T. Oakes, S.J.)
  Mariology (Emery DeGáal)

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS):

Exegesis of Isaiah 40-48 (Willem VanGemeren)
Exodus (James K. Hoffmeier)
Archaeology and the Bible (James K. Hoffmeier)
Ancient Near Eastern History (K. Lawson Younger)
  Systematic Theology (Kevin Vanhoozer)
  Biblical Aramaic
  Biblical Hebrew (18 semester hours)


Edward T. Oakes, USML
Emery DeGáal, USML
Robert Barron, USML
Willem VanGemeren, TEDS
James K. Hoffmeier, TEDS
Richard White, Benedictine College, Theology Department, Chair
Jean Rioux, Benedictine College, Philosophy Department, Chair
Kim Shankman, Benedictine College, Academic Dean
Edward P. Sri, Augustine Institute
Cajetan Cuddy, O.P

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