I am overwhelmed by gratitude…

Yes, Scott -

I want to help you give the world gifts that last this Christmas and lead men and women to a deeper faith in Christ through Word and Sacrament.

Just for responding to this letter, please send me a free CD copy of your address from this year’s Fall Gala, “John Paul II and the New Evangelization.”

And, for a gift of $50 or more, you’ll send me a copy of Joy to the World: How Christ’s Coming Changed Everything (and Still Does) by Scott Hahn (or another book of my choosing from the list below) for free. For a gift of $100, I can choose two books. For a donation of $250 or more, I can choose all three.

(All donors receive a tax-deductible receipt for their gift amount, less the value of any books received.)

Joy to the World: How Christ’s Coming Changed Everything (and Still Does)

By Scott Hahn
(a $23 value)

The Nativity story comes to life in a dynamic way as Scott Hahn expands on the Christmas story and the Holy Family. This book will renew and deepen your understanding of the infancy narratives and explore how the Joy of Christ’s coming is more relevant today than ever before. Meditate on how the light of Christ changes everything and is the key to the New Evangelization. Joy is what we’re looking for and His coming is still transforming our world today.

The Love That Made Mother Teresa

By David Scott (a $15 value)

Part biography and part spiritual reading, this book brings to light little-known stories from Mother Teresa’s life that will help you to grow in your love of God. You will learn her approach to reading Scripture, what enabled her to persevere through agonizing nights, and the remarkable events that led her to the streets of Calcutta and the founding of the Missionaries of Charity.

The Feasts: How the Church Year Forms Us as Catholics

By Cardinal Wuerl and Mike Aquilina
(a $23 value)

Every day is a holiday in the Catholic Church. In their latest collaboration, Cardinal Wuerl and Mike Aquilina examine the history and traditions we celebrate throughout the Church calendar. The book will explore the meaning and purpose of the most basic and beloved aspects of Catholic life. Learn how the calendar can be a catechism for Catholics who know how to live it.

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