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Please help the St. Paul Center lead

people on a journey through Scripture

into the heart of Christ’s Church.


Dear Friend In Christ,

It’s difficult to watch the evening news these days.

People are lost. People are confused. And that shows up in the headlines. They are unrelentingly negative, telling tale after tale of our social, moral, and economic decline.

In the midst of that virtual sea of negativity, the temptation for Christians is to despair.

We’re tempted to throw up our hands in defeat.

We’re tempted to forget all this talk of a New Evangelization and leave the culture to its own devices.

I understand that temptation. I’ve been there. From certain vantage points, the landscape can seem desolate.

But it’s not. As Pope Francis reminds us, the Gospel brings Joy.

I’m reminded of that every time I go through my inbox. There, I find letter after letter from people hungry for truth.

Those letters come from inmates in federal prisons, Catholics rediscovering their faith, Protestants questioning their tradition (including a lifelong Presbyterian who was received into the Church just one month shy of her 91st birthday), and former atheists moving from unbelief to God.

I encounter the same when I’m on the road: people wanting to go deeper, know more, and find what the culture can’t give.

The landscape is not nearly so bleak as the evening news tells us. In fact, the more our culture stumbles and falls, the more people start looking for a better way.

That’s why, at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, we know the answer to the problems our world faces isn’t to retreat; it’s to advance. It’s to do more, not less.

That’s also why I’m writing today: to ask for your help as the St. Paul Center advances. We’re pushing forward in our mission to give men and women today the same experience Christ’s first disciples had on the road to Emmaus, when a deeper understanding of Scripture helped them recognize the Lord in the breaking of the bread.

In other words, we believe that the more people know and understand the riches of Salvation History, the more they’ll be drawn not only to a more personal relationship with Christ, but to a more familial relationship with Christ — a relationship with the family of God that is the Catholic Church.

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In the Church, Word and Sacrament, Liturgy and Tradition, all work together to lead men and women to truth. They chart the path. They show us the way.

They make Christ present in our churches, homes, and lives.

For well over a decade, the St. Paul Center has led men and women around the world on a journey through Scripture straight into the heart of the Church.

We’ve done that through our life-transforming Journey Through Scripture Bible studies.

We’ve also done that through dozens of best-selling books produced by the Center and her fellows…

…through our landmark journal of Catholic biblical theology, Letter and Spirit…

through our monthly reflections on Sacred Scripture published in Breaking the Bread…

…through conferences and retreats for priests, seminarians, Scripture scholars, and committed lay Catholics…

…through the vast resource library found on our website,…

…and through a growing array of multi-media programming, including audio and video courses, podcasts, and radio shows.

Over the past decade, the demand for what the St. Paul Center does has gone up, not down. People want more Bible studies, more conferences, more books.

People also want more depth. As they learn more, they ask us to take them deeper into Salvation History.

To these demands, the St. Paul Center has responded, again and again. We’ve grown as the demand has grown, adding new projects and new staff with almost every passing year.

This past year, we hit a wall. Literally.

With so much growth, our headquarters in Steubenville simply couldn’t contain us anymore.

We had staff members sharing office space with the conference room — the same conference room that also doubled as a media studio.

We also had staff members sharing space with the mailroom and personal offices warehousing books and Bible studies.

It became clear to us that advancing our mission required finding a new headquarters.

Just a few months ago, we found it.

Our long-time friend and partner, Franciscan University of Steubenville, offered us the chance to renovate and rent our own building on the university’s campus.

Not only does the building offer us the space we need to better serve the Church, but we believe in the future it will allow us to do more with Franciscan and facilitate a more fruitful partnership.

In the meantime, however, the building gives us the office and meeting space we need for our growing staff.

It also includes the space for a chapel, so we can spend more time in prayer together, both for our work and for you, our partners in this work.

Most excitingly, it includes space for two separate media studios — one for video production and one for radio.

This will allow us to dramatically expand our multi-media offerings. Over the next year, we hope to begin producing our own weekly radio show, as well as increase the number of podcasts and videos we produce on Scripture, Church History, the Liturgy, and the Church today.

The generosity of friends such as yourself are making it possible for us to move into our new headquarters and pay for the necessary renovations.

Now, I’m asking for your help in order to use the space God has blessed us with to its maximum effectiveness.

We still need to purchase the equipment necessary to outfit our video and radio studios and begin producing high quality video, podcasts, and radio programs.

Your generosity will also help us produce our new Journey Through Scripture video series and make it possible for Catholics everywhere to benefit from our dynamic, parish-based Bible study program.

From facilitating our work with seminarians and scholars, to increasing the ongoing support we offer Bible study leaders, priests, and students, your help is essential in the months and years ahead.

I hope, as the St. Paul Center moves forward on this ambitious and exciting undertaking, that you will continue moving forward with us.

Can I count on you for a gift of $50, $100, $250, or more this Lent?

The need has never been greater, both in our country and around the world.

People are hungry for the truth that comes only through Word and Sacrament. Help us feed that hunger.

Even as those around us are tempted to despair, hope with me and work with me to lead people to a life-transforming encounter with Christ.

Thank you for your generosity. Please continue to pray for our work, and know that you are in our prayers daily.

In Christ,

Dr. Scott Hahn


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