Genesis to Jesus


Following an introduction to Catholic teaching about divine revelation and Bible, we jump right in and begin reading. We start with the creation story and Noah’s ark, and trace the history of salvation as it unfolds in the series of covenants that God makes with His chosen people - from Abraham and the twelve tribes of Israel to Moses and finally to King David. We see how this history reaches its climax and fulfillment in Jesus and the Church. The aim is to give you a solid outline and overview of the story that the Bible tells, from Genesis to Jesus.

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Course Objectives

  1. To learn the basic Catholic principles for reading Scripture.
  2. To learn about God’s covenants in the Bible, and to understand     their significance for reading and interpreting the Bible.
  3. To learn the broad outlines of the books of the Bible and to     understand their place in the story of salvation told in the Bible.

Course Materials
The primary text will be the Bible. And each lesson will provide links to biblical passages cited. In addition, the instructors recommend the following book, which covers much of the material to be studied in this course:

A Father Who Keeps His Promises:God’s Covenant Love in Scripture
by Dr. Scott Hahn,
Founder of The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Article URL:

Lesson Six: Into the Kingdom of the Son

Lesson Five: To Kingdom Come

Lesson Four: On the Way to the Promised Land

Lesson Three: East of Eden, Headed to Egypt

Lesson Two: Creation, Fall and Promise

Lesson One: How a Catholic Starts to Read the Bible